Mi3 and Hardhat present 'Built on Behaviour Bootcamp'

Literally dozens of Australian brand and marketing teams have rediscovered Behavioural Economics this year. From banks, telcos, energy and FMCG to insurance and carmakers, they’re all reworking campaign strategy, messaging, product design and channel choice around its resurgence.

So Mi3 and Hardhat have teamed up to present a virtual 4 x 45 minute Built On Behaviour Bootcamp briefing series on everything you need to be across in Behavioural Economics for 2021.

"Some of Mi3’s biggest stories and podcasts in 2020 have been around influencing human behaviour and what is actually working - that’s mostly about Behavioural Economics, not cookies. Marketers get it."
- Paul McIntyre, Executive Editor, Mi3

"We spend a lot of time thinking about how other things work. We’re interested in how programmatic works, how attribution modelling works. But we don’t really ask how people work, how people make decisions."
- Dan Monheit, Co-founder, Hardhat

Built On Behaviour Bootcamp

Mi3 and Hardhat’s Built on Behaviour Bootcamp is a virtual short course on Behavioural Science and how to use it to create more compelling and effective campaigns and marketing and communication strategy.

What the hell is Behavioural Science?

In short, it’s the study of human decision making and we’re really not as rational as we think. Humans rely on mental shortcuts, or heuristics, when evaluating the thousands of decisions we make every day.

As marketers, by understanding these decision-making shortcuts and biases, we can build stronger and far more effective messages, products and services.

In four lunchtime sessions, Hardhat co-founder Dan Monheit will deep dive into three heuristics each briefing, exploring real-world examples and the foundational research that underpins them. Super smart.

After two weeks, you’ll have mastered 12 key heuristics critical for finding growth in 2021.

4 x 45 minute lunch briefings led by Hardhat’s Dan Monheit:
Monday November 30
Wednesday December 2
Monday December 7
Wednesday December 9
12pm each day

$199 individual (total)
For groups of 5+ get in touch with [email protected]